Hello, yep that’s me alright. My name is Edwin, but I go by Ed. I’m single and have never been married, yet almost was in 2001. A mermaid name Carol swam into my life that year, but cancer took her away before we could have a chance together. “A Mermaid’s Love ” is a poem she wrote before she died. In her final days she was excited  that I placed it on my site to share with other mermaid lovers. I still miss her very much.

My interest in mermaids began when I was a small child. I had seen a very different version of The Little Mermaid that I think followed the original story. It sent a cold chill down my back and for some reason became hooked. Feeling connected to the water only strengthen my interest in mermaids, because my family has always liked to fish and be outdoors also helped. To watch the sun rise and to hear the waves along the shore is a moment I treasure.

I am not a collage professor, just a common man who is simply doing the best I can. I alone work on this site, yet some times I get some ideals from people who write to me. The covered mermaid gallery  came about when a 8 year old girl warned me that her younger sister was going to draw a mermaid from my site for school and I had better do something to make sure that the mermaid was not nude. Reading the e-mail made me smile, so I rushed and made up a gallery section with covered mermaids. I never did find out if the sister drew one of the covered mermaids.

 Then a mother and daughter who loved mermaids asked me about mermaid books. I had some one who had visited my site and had given me some info on a few books. I already had a few books listed, but none were children books, so I began to look into in it and found enough mermaid books for kids to form the Mermaid Books for Kids Gallery for kids or mothers looking for mermaid stories for their children. I hope that gallery has helped them. So for all of those who have visited my site and wrote to me I thank you. If you would like to send me a e-mail here is just click below.

I still search for my mermaid. She is out there some where, and I hope that someday she swims into my life, yet if it is not meant to be I know that when my life is ended I will have some one waiting for me in the light that is beyond this life.