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Beth the Mermaid

By Edwin Tomes /

This story was written for a friend.

The old man sat on the beach looking out over Californian the beach. He was wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt with tan cargo short. His face kindly looking like some one’s grandfather. The sun was halfway across the sky he notice when he look up judging time of day. She would be coming now he knew. It was the reason why he was here.

Among the crowd of people a striking woman moved among them. She stood out among the many beautiful people walking along the crowded sidewalk. Her silky brown hair reached to just the tops of her very short cut off jean shorts she wore. The shorts showed of her shapely legs as she walked down the side walk. A red bikini top held a her eye catching breast that jiggled most enticingly as could be testified by the men, and some women when this remarkable woman went by. Yet there was some thing about her, some thing, a feel you could say, as if there was no people about her, like her mind was thinking of some thing else. The old man waited, he knew what she would do, and as he expected she stopped just before the bench the man was sitting on and looked to the benches ahead along the side walk. All were full, or had some one sitting on them that she didn’t feel comfortable to sit with. Turning she looked behind her and saw the same. Then looked where the old man sat, he looked harmless enough, and hopefully wouldn’t hit on her, she didn’t come here looking for a date. Before sitting down she brushed back her long hair so not to sit on it and sat on the other end of the bench and closed her eyes listening to the seagulls cry as they flew over, the sound of the waves rolling on the beach, and the sound of people enjoying their day at the beach.

He let her settle in before he spoke. “ The sea is beautiful today isn’t it.” The reply he waited for didn’t come, so he said, “ The ocean the color of it, the deep blue if it, it is beautiful today isn’t it ?” The woman opened her eyes and looked out upon the beach to the vast sea open before them. There was a beauty of its own in it. “ Yes it is beautiful. “, she replied, and was about to close her eyes when the old man spoke again. “ Your not from around here are you. I mean you have a accent. Most people they do. Seems that every state the people have a slightly different way of talking. You still have yours, but it is starting to change to sounding like most of the locals here. So what brings you to California ? My name is Charley by the way, folks named me after Charley the Tuna I guess, lest thats the way I figured since that is what kids called me in school while growing up. Dang Star-Kist. ” The woman smiled at the comment about the world famous canned tuna company as she took the shook Charlie's hand. He still seemed to be a nice gentleman, a bit chatty perhaps, but still nothing to worry “ You are right, I wasn’t born here. I’m from Wisconsin. I have always loved to swim, and the sea, and while you might find this strange, I have wished that I could be a mermaid. I moved here a few years back, and found a job swimming as a mermaid at a local club. Now I get to do what I have always like to do, swim, and at lest pretend to be a mermaid.” she told him.

“ A mermaid you say, you don’t hear many people wishing that they could be a mermaid. Oh sure when Splash came out, or the Arial movies every little girl, and some grown women wanted to be a mermaid, but for most it seems to have been a fad, some thing that held their interest, then got bored, and moved on to other things. It is nice to know that a few still hold to that dream. So do you go swimming in the sea every day ?” he asked. “ Oh, I wish that I could, but I usually get so busy that the best I can do is to come to come to the beach and look out over the ocean. I do swim some times, but not like I do in the tank where I can stay underwater for hours. I haven’t taken any scuba diving classes yet, but some day I hope to.” she told him.

Beth notice that Charley seemed to be interested in the ideal of being a mermaid when he ask. “ Just for the fun of it, if you could be a real mermaid what kind of tail would you have ? “

She tilted her heard and told him with a dreamy smile on her face. “ I have looked up all kinds of mermaid art and photo manipulation on the internet, and the kind of tail I would wish that I could have would be a fish like tail, with small scales in a slightly dark metallic blue color.”

“ You mean you would give up those lovely legs of yours for a fish like tail ? “ he continued, and he notice again her shapely tanned legs. “ Oh I don’t know if I would like to be a mermaid permanently, but what I wouldn’t give to be one for just one day.” she told him.

“Beth, with such a tail that you describe to me I believe you would have made a very beautiful mermaid. “ he said to her and patted her on the arm in a matter that made her think that he was one of the few people that understood her dream of being a mermaid.

They both turned their attention back to the sea, enjoying the view and the sounds about them. When Charley she never knew when, it was a soft and gentle little tune that she hardly notice at first that Charley was humming, she didn’t recognize the song, it was like nothing she had ever heard before. The melody spoke to her, filled her with a soothing calm like she had never felt before. She put her left arm though the handles in her purse, so one could steal it, then made herself comfortable and closed her eyes and let her head drop. The sun shinning warmly on her, the sound of the waves, and of Charlie's strange little song put her gently to sleep. Charley looked over at Beth, still humming pulled a necklace out of one of his pockets in his cargo shorts. It was made of some kind of thin brown strands like from some kind of plant. In the center a small clam shell was tied to the necklace, the shell was 2 and 1/2 inches long by 1 and 1/2 inches wide. The outside of the shell was mostly a ordinary brown color, but in the center it looked like that in it’s early age it was blue that turned to green then to brown. On the inside of the shell shown a very light and beautiful light blue mother of pearl color. At one end of the necklace there was a loop, at the other a fish bone that had been rounded out to make a bead had been tied leaving the extra bit of this plant like material so that he could bring this end under the back of Beth’s long hair, and thread it through the loop. The loop caught behind the bead holding the necklace in place. He then moved the necklace, so that the clam shell rested just below her chin, with the top of the clam shell facing out. He hummed his song all the while he did this, and she never stirred. When he was done he stood up and admired his handy work, during all of this time he had not once stopped humming his song, but he stopped now, and said, “ Sweet dreams Beth.” then continued humming as he joined the people walking the sidewalk and disappeared in the crowd.

Beth awoke from a very sound sleep to something tickling her face. She moved her right hand to brush what every it was aside, but her fingers seem to get tangled up with what ever it was, and she must surely be still heavy with sleep, because she seem to be moving kind a slow. She got her hand out of the silky mess and leaned on her left elbow. The thing that had been tickling her face had been her own hair she realized, and when she had moved to get her it had forced it even more across her face. This had happen so many times in the mornings that she just simply brushed it aside, but why did it want to drift across her face again. She had been sleeping in a fetal possession when she woke, and the bed was warm and soft below her. Beth was slowly becoming awake, she must have fallen sleep on the beach, but she didn’t think she had fallen sleep on the beach when she had dozed off, hadn’t she been on a bench, and why was her hair drifting back in front of her face again ? For some reason she seemed to be moving slowly, and the lighting seemed strange upon the sand. She brushed her hair aside again and looked up. About 30 feet above her was different, like it wasn’t sky, like more wavy, like as if she was underwater.” UNDERWATER !!!!!! OMG !!!! She was going to drown ! She had to get to the surface before she did !” she thought, and pushed herself off the bottom. The next thing she knew was that she was not only on the surface, but 10 feet past it and in open air and falling back to the ocean with a big SPLASH. This time she found herself just below the surface. In her panic she was breathing very heavily. “ Wait a minute,” she thought. “ I’m underwater, and I am breathing ?” She found herself holding her breath, then exhaled. No bubbles came out of her nose or mouth. She took a slight breath in expecting to choke on the water. Nothing happened. She took a deep breath in and then let it out. Everything was OK. She was breathing underwater ! It wasn’t possible ! But here she was breathing normally, well almost normally it is not every day you wake up underwater and find that you can breath like a fish. Beth took her hands and felt around her face and neck. Her hair had floated about her again, and her fingers got tangle in it, but she could still feel smooth skin under her hands, but she also felt some thing else, like a cord or necklace. She found the end of it and pulled it out so she could get a look at it. Beth found that there was indeed a necklace around her neck, one that she had never seen before, and at the end of it was some sort of shell, for now it wasn’t that important, so she let if fall back to the base of her neck and continued exploring with her hands. She moved them to her sides, and under her breasts, then breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God she didn’t have gills. She had let her hands to to just above her hips, there she did feel some thing, and it wasn’t skin. Then it dawn on her, how did she get from the sandy bottom to the top so fast and into the air. She looked down, just above her hips the skin had started to form what looked like metallic blue scales, by the time they reacher her hips there was no hint of skin, but all small blue scales. She didn’t have any legs, but a fishlike tail that was slightly longer than her legs would have been. “She, she, she was a mermaid !” she finely realized, the kind that she had always dream of being. She let out a whoop of joy and jumped out of the water. It wasn’t much of a jump, but it was kind a fun. She dove deeper and then swam as fast as she could to the surface where she was able to jump 10 feet out of the water and landed with a big splash. This was fun ! She jumped out of water like she had seen Shammo do at Sea World. She did leaps and twist, there was never any worry that she would get hurt the soft ocean was always there to cushion her fall. It was during one of these leaps that she seen the boat. “Now it was time to have even more fun.”, she thought with a smile.


This was Frank’s first day out on the fishing boat. I had planned this fishing trip for weeks, and had always wanted to try fishing the ocean, rather than the lakes and ponds he had fished in Minnesota. He was in his mid 50s, bald, with a slight gut. His skin was deeply, but when the wind caught the corner of his Hawaiian style shirt you could see that only his face and arms were tanned, the rest of him was not. He was out here spending the day on the water with the fishing boat he had chartered while his wife was with her sister who lived out here in California. God he hated in-laws, so when his wife had told him that they were going to visit her sister, he got on the internet and began to look up the closest marina where his sister-in-law lived, and found a guide service that just happen to have a spot open for the weekend that he was coming out. There was just the captain, the one crewman and Frank on the boat. The boat itself was set up like those big boats he had seen on those TV fishing shows fishing for swordfish. They had some long lines out, hell the captain had told him what they were suppose to be after, but he didn’t pay any attention or care just as long as he was out on the water, whether it a a ocean or a lake, and he had a beer close at hand and a fine cigar to smoke, which he was doing now.

The crewman had gone to talk with the captain, so it was just him sitting in the fighting chair that was used for fighting big fish. So far they had not even had a hit, so the crewman had gotten bored, made sure that he was comfortable and had gone to hang with the captain. Frank heard a large splash off to the left. He heard it again, but closer. The next time he heard it he was looking in that direction when he heard some thing jump on the other side. He didn’t get a good look at it, only a flash of what looked like metallic blue color of a tail. This time he kept his attention to the right side of the boat when this stunning brown hair woman surfaced. She looked at him, smiled, and wiggled a very nice pair of bare breast at him, then dove. Instead of legs a most beautiful fishy tail rose out of the water and followed the rest of her down. The cigar fell out of his mouth and landed in his lap as he opened his mouth in amazement. It took only a moment for the lighted cigar to burn through his shorts. Frank shot out of the chair yelling from the burn he had suddenly received, and he thought he could hear the laughter of a woman’s voice as he finished stomping out the cigar on the deck, but saw no sign of the woman. Woman hell he had just seen a mermaid. He yelled for the captain and crewman, “ Did you see that ? “

Beth had spotted the boat and had swam to meet it. From her view she could see a guy sitting in the back end, but couldn’t see any one else. A mischievous smile crossed her face. When she was 20 yards off to the left side of the boat she sped up fast enough to leap out of the water, “Now that would give the lone fisherman some thing to see.” she thought, but when she jumped and turned to look at the guy she found that he was looking in the other direction, “Dang !” Beth jumped again, and did a double twist in the air closer to the boat. “The fisherman had to be looking this time.” she thought, but as she did the twist she seem that the guy was still looking to the other side of the boat. “ What is wrong with this guy. Here she was wanting to let a guy see a real live mermaid he kept looking in the other direction. OK, so if he wanted to look over the right side of the boat she would jump on that side. Beth swam under the boat and did a back leap as she shot out of the water, but the guy had finely turned to look to the other side of the boat, yet she could see that his head was slowly turning in her direction, but he wouldn’t be quick enough to fully see her. “ OK, since this guy seem a bit slow, maybe the direct approach would work.” she thought.

Beth swam ahead of the boat and surfaced showing just her head and bare breast above the water waiting for the boat to go past her. When the boat was broadside to her she could see the fisherman looking all about, finely he spotted her and he just stared. She puffed out her chest and have it a little wiggle just to give him a little thrill. He opened his mouth, the lighted cigar was barely hang, so Beth decided it was time to show him her tail and made to do a deep dive lifting her tail half way out of the water so the fisherman could get a good view. She was still sliding beneath the surface when she could hear a yell of pain from the fisherman, “ The cigar must have slipped from the guy’s mouth.” she thought and surfaced to take a look. Sure enough she could see the guy yelling and swatting in the are of his privates, it was so funny she could help but to burst out in laughter, but ducked under when the fisherman began to look around to see who was laughing at him. Beth swam under the boat boat, but this time she stayed under it still laughing at what she had seen. Even over the sound of the boat she could hear what was being said. Overhead she could hear what had to be the fisherman yelling, “ Did you see that ? Hey you two didn’t you see that, that mermaid that was along side of the boat.” “Sorry Frank, we didn’t see anything, did you say you saw a mermaid ?” someone answered who had to have been the captain. “Yes I said a mermaid, you know have fish and half beautiful woman.” “You sure you didn’t see a dolphin, they so some times swim around the boat, and play in their wake and bow spray.” another voice put in. “Yes I’m sure it wasn’t a dolphin, I’ve never seen a dolphin with long hair and a pair of tits before, or even having a nice of rack of what I just seen. I’m telling you that there is a mermaid out there.” the fisherman shot back. “ Listen Frank it just might have been a big fish. Me and Josh here have been watching the fishfinder here and have have notice that a big fish of some sort has been passing under the boat now and then, that is what we have been looking at all this time. Look it is back under us now.” the captain had said.

“Shit ! They could see her on the radar. They couldn’t know that they were looking at a mermaid, all they could see was some smug on the fishfinder. It was time to get out of there.” Beth told herself and swam in the direction of the shore.


It was looking to be a perfect day to be out surfing, or at lest that is how it looked to Samuel as he brought his surfboard down to the beach. His friends called him Sam, and here he was at Dead Man’s Cove. “Dead Man’s Cove”, he thought “ It seems that every coast some where has a place that the locals called “ Dead Man’s Cove”. They are one of the most dangerous places to surf where only the very skilled, or the very foolish surfed. A hurricane that had now been reduced to a tropical depression had been raising havoc along the coast of western Mexico, and the waves generated from the storm had now finely reached Dead Man’s Cove. The waves that were coming in were a surfer’s dream. To his right a long rocky point reached out into the ocean, capturing the waves and forcing them into the cove like a funnel. The water in the cove was mostly only 12 feet deep making a area for large waves to develop, yet along the rocky point were where the waves reached their peak for the longest period of time. No one else was on the beach. It was found in one of the few isolated areas of California and he had kept this place a secret when he had found it over a year a go. Since that time he had mastered the cove with a few close calls. Sam had been waiting since then for a storm to come and bring waves like this in. As Sam paddle out busting over or through each wave he had no ideal that some one else had also found this cove.

Beth had been swimming for a while now, enjoying the under water world that she had never known was there. She had swum through kelp forrest that seem like huge under water trees, and had moved on along the coast. A long rocky point had blocked her path, so instead of going deeper to go around it she decided to go along the shore and explore the cove she found on the other side. She surfaced to see what it looked like above the water, and caught sight of a surfer paddle out into the waves. She had such fun with the fisherman, now it was time to have a bit of fun with this surfer, “ I wonder what he will do when he sees a real mermaid.” Beth thought and smiled. It took no time at all to swim under him and look up. He had no ideal that just 7 feet below him a mermaid was keeping up with him. She marveled at how the man and surfboard cut through the water and how some times a wave would come and pull him a foot or so higher before dropping him back down. The waves began to get higher as he paddle, yet still the man fought through them to get to the other side. Beth was impressed by this, and by the man, “ I wonder what he looks like ?”. When she had spotted him she wasn’t able to get a good look at him before she dove again not wishing for him to see her just yet. She notice that he seemed to stop, turned and just seem to wait for some thing. “ I wonder what he would do if some one was to grab his foot.” she thought, and was about to do this when turned his surfboard around, caught a wave and shot like a rocket away from her.

It was a struggle to get through the waves as he paddle his board out, and when he had reached the right spot he needed time to catch his breath, and to watch for that perfect wave. He knew that he was going to be cutting it close along the rocky point, but he had handle other waves before in this spot and had made it OK, except for that one time, yet this time he was wiser and felt sure that he could handle what ever came. He looked back and spotted the one, that wave that would take him on the ride of his life. The one he would remember for years to come. He watched it as it build out to sea, growing as it came closer and closer. Sam caught the wave at just the right place and the right angle. As he rode the wave he felt that he had capture the ocean itself, could feel the mighty power under him and it thrilled him like nothing else. Everything was going better than he had planned, it was better than he had even dreamed, that is until the wind had hit him. The wind that had built the wave so many miles away had caught up with the wave, brining with it other monster waves. There was no way for Sam to stand up to the sudden 60 mph wind that hit him, but he did try, and in doing so it had pushed him closer to the rocks. It all happen so quick, for a while there it was on top of the wave, then some thing huge seem to push him from behind. He forgot about the rock, and just tried to keep on top of the wave, when the board went out from under him. What sounded like a crack he heard for just a moment, then he found himself spinning over and over in the furry of the wave. Some thing seem to be wrapped around his foot, the tether of nylon to his surfboard, he reach to try to untangle from his leg when some thing struck him on the head and every thing went black.

Beth had seen the whole thing. She had watched as the surfer get closer and closer to the rocks, had seen him fall, and how the wave carried him like a leaf in the wind to the rocks, where the surfboard had stuck a huge boulder, then broke in half. How the rope had wrapped around his leg as he rolled over and over in the wave, till in the turmoil the wave had forced the other end of the board to the bottom where it became lodge in a rock holding the surfer there while the wave passed on. Another monster wave passed, slamming the man to the bottom before it let him float up, only to be held beneath the surface by the broken surfboard stuck fast in the rocks. The man was going to die if he wasn’t dead already if Beth didn’t do some thing. She swam though the strong current as the wave kept coming in one after the other. Beth had to turn and swim against the current as she came to the man, then unwrapped the rope that was holding him. The back wash of the waves were creating a undertow back out to the open sea, so Beth had to sling the man over her shoulder to swim against the under tow to the beach, she just hopped that the man would still be alive when she got there.

When she got to the beach she dragged him up onto the shore as best as she could till the end of the waves were just past her. She sure wished had a old pair of legs right now. She bent to give the man mouth to mouth, but when she did instead of air that passed between their lips sea water flowed. Beth turned the man over trying as best she could to get every drip of sea water out of his lungs, as she exhaled and deep as possible to expel as much water she could out of her own lungs. She took a deep breath, and found that she could breath air, then went back to work giving the man mouth to mouth. As he tried to bring the man back from the edge of death she couldn’t help but to notice that he was roughly about the same age as her, and even a bit handsome. Each breath of air that passed between their lips, she found herself being more and more aroused by this man. It was silly to be feeling this way, but she had been so busy lately that there had been no time to meet and go out with some one, and the guys at the night club who ogled her were not the kind of guys she wanted to go out with. She brought her lips to his, and could feel the life began to stir within in. The next time she brought her lips to his to push the air into his lungs he had moved his lips in such a way that it had instead became a long and passionate kiss. Beth didn’t pull away when she realized what it really was, but instead kissed back hungrily.

Sam was lost in the blackness all around him. He could feel nothing at first, then some thing touched his lips for a moment and was gone again. Something soft brushed them again, then again. They were very soft and seem to fill him with life. With each passing touch on his lips the darkness began to turn to light. He could feel himself being pulled away from the depths of that darkness to the sweetness of the light as again some thing pressed his lips, but this time he returned that gentle touch with his own lips. The touch stopped, yet didn’t pull away, but pressed eagerly to his. Deep in his own mind he knew that this was a kiss, but who ever was kissing him sure knew how to kiss.

They were like that for what felt like eternity and they would have stayed there too if not the need for air caused them to part. Sam could feel her long wet hair touching the side of his face before he open his eye. When he did he found a very beautiful woman looking down at him. Passion began to fill him as he looked into her face, that he could feel himself aroused by her. He didn’t give a moments thought as he reached up and kissed her again, then rolled her under him as they continued to kiss. Sam didn’t give any thoughts to this was all madness, he only knew that he desired this woman who had just saved his life, and he could see that she felt the same. He slipped off his wet suit without even thinking as he moved his lips to her neck, she smelled and tasted so good. Sam moved his hand down her body, feeling, then cupping her full breast. He continued moving down, past her smooth flat stomach, past her belly button down to, down to, down to scales ? Sam stopped what he was doing then with drew his hand back. He backed away from her to look down at her tail. He had been saved by a mermaid, and they had been about to make love ? She grabbed his arm, then slowly pulled him to her. This time it was her who was kissing him, pulling him ever closer to her enticing lips. He stopped, looked for a moment into her eyes, her beautiful face, then said, “ Oh what the hell.” and met her lips with his. As he moved his hand down her he found a slit in where it should be. Probing fingers, began to explore when she let out a soft moan. He withdrew his fingers and entered her. They began to rock together with the rhythm of the waves. She wrapped her tail around his legs forcing him deeper into her. Never had before had either of them experience such intense and passionate love making. When they both had climaxed they rested a moment, then joined again. It was still as magical as it had been the first time. This time when they finished they laid back and enjoyed the sun beating down on them. He tried to ask her question, but she remained silent with a slight smile on her face. Sam gave up asking her any about her letting her be this beautiful mermaid of mystery. They were both tired from what they had went through, but laid next to each other feeling each presence, and both began to doze off.

Beth was brought out of her slumber by the sound of many voices passing by. Had some one found her ? Could there now be a group of people staring down at her there on the beach ? As not to shock every one she slowly began to open her eyes. There was no one standing over her, but plenty of people were walking by. Some did look over at her, but they did not look on a mermaid, but at a attractive woman sitting on a bench looking about with sleep still in her eyes. Beth looked down. Those shapely legs of hers were there instead of the fishy tail. She looked about. Nowhere could she see the surfer she had saved and made love to. She yawned shaking her head as she to get clear her head. Beth felt some thing just under her chin on her neck. She lifted her hand to feel what it was. It felt like a necklace of some sort with a clam shell in the center. The necklace she has when she was the mermaid, it had to be, but how ? Had it all really happened or had it been a dream ? Her stomach growled making her realize that she was staving, she hadn’t eaten since that morning, or didn’t a whole day had past. Beth got up then began to make her way to the closest seafood restaurant. She felt in the mood for fish, or perhaps some other kind of seafood, but had she really been a mermaid ? Beth thought of this the rest of that day and the next, would she ever know for sure if it had really happened. Still if real or a dream she would always hold that day dear to her.

The End