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Mermaid Movies

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A literal fish-out-of-water tale about a lovely mermaid who comes to Manhattan, looking for the man she saved from drowning. When the two meet, a romance begins -- even as the ill-at-ease mermaid wreaks havoc and attracts attention everywhere. But the unlikely duo's love is tested when the mermaid must return to the sea, forcing her earthly boyfriend to make an unusual decision.

One of the best know and favorite mermaid movies.








Divine Madness

Bette Midler gives a stunning performance before a sellout Pasadena crowd. An exciting, high-energy musical experience. Features sixteen hit numbers, including "Leader of the Pack," Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," and "Do You Want to Dance?"


If you like Bette Midler you might enjoy this DVD, but she wasn't in the mermaid outfit for very long, and the mermaid jokes were few.







She Creature

Angus (Rufus Sewell) and Lillie (Carla Gugino) run a traveling carnival. While traveling the Irish countryside, they give a ride to an old sailor who in turn invites them into his castle to see his most prized possession--a live mermaid kept in a tank (Rya Kihlstadt). Knowing they can make a fortune off of the fabled half-fish, half-woman creature, Angus steals her for his show and loads her on a boat to sail to America. Little does he know, the mermaid masks a horror that will not show its face until he and his crew are far from shore.

I wasn't too fond of this one. The mermaid eats people. Not exactly a movie for kids to see.

If you are interested it buying it click on the title.








Beach Blanket Bingo


The fifth and arguably best known of the Avalon/Funicello surfing/beach series. Tells the story of a boy who falls in love with a beautiful girl, only to find that she is actually a mermaid. All-star ensemble cast makes for an amusing watch. 


Ok, it is a beach movie, but the mermaid story that runs through it is not too bad.





My Life As A Fairy Tale

Danish author Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) is renowned for his children's tales, yet comparatively little is known of his extraordinary rise from poverty to preeminence. Hallmark Entertainment presents the story behind the storyteller, one as full of pathos as Andersen himself. In his film debut, Kieran Bew is remarkable as Andersen, an impoverished child who, at age 15, runs away to Copenhagen. Destitute, he's befriended by a wealthy benefactor, Jonas Collin (James Fox), who offers him shelter, education, and, ultimately, an audience with a publisher. As the biography unfolds, so does Andersen's brilliant imagination. The film deftly weaves snippets of his fairy tales ("The Snow Queen," "The Little Mermaid") into the real-life scenes of a man whose rise to fame is tangled with the strains of success and a tendency to believe his own fiction.

I thought they did a good job in this film on the mermaids, but in this original story of  "The Little Mermaid " this mermaid doesn't have a happy ending. To be honest I wasn't fond of how they portrayed Has Christian Andersen. I had to fast forward it to get to the mermaid part, as for why, here is a review that someone gave on Amazon about it and I agree with.

"This film is horribly depressing. The main actor plays his character like a raving lunatic and , if he acted this way in public, would have been locked up."

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